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JIRA: Add watchers at issue creation

After struggling with this feature request from users for quite some time, I have a way now to add a list of watchers to an issue automatically at creation.

The secret here is (1) you need to add a scripted post function to the creation step in your workflow (so this may mean seperate workflows for individual projects) and (2) you need the Script Runner plugin.

Add the following groovy script somewhere in your CATALINA_BASE and call it in your workflow.

import com.atlassian.jira.ComponentManager

def componentManager = ComponentManager.getInstance()
def watcherManager = componentManager.getWatcherManager()
def userManager = componentManager.getUserUtil()

def watchUsers = {usernames ->
   usernames.each {
         def user = userManager.getUser(it)
         watcherManager.startWatching(user, issue.getGenericValue())

   def users = ["comma", "separated", "usernames"]

Special thanks to Brian LeGros for help on this too!